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Life in Berlin in the 1880s through the eyes of American author Emma Louise Parry

This is a chapter from the 1887 book "Life Among the Germans" by American author Emma Louise Parry. In it she describes life in Berlin in the 1880s. She is staying with a wealthy family and marvels at their way of living. Class is a defining property in this society. Miss Parry tells us about the house, the food, the neighbours, and the class system, and compares them to what she's used to in America. Her musings give a us a fascinating insight into two worlds gone by.

Drei Brüder - Three Brothers

Dies ist die Lebensgeschichte dreier Brüder, die 1866 in die USA eingewandert sind.
This is the life story of three brothers who immigrated to the USA in 1866.
Die drei Brüder in der Passagierliste der Hansa
The three brothers in the passengerlist of the vessel Hansa

The invention of infant formula wasn't all that altruistic

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